Join us at Landstreff Stavanger

Landstreff Stavanger is the highlight of a full month of events (russefeiring) where high school students traditionally celebrate their graduation in Norway. Participants wear coloured overalls and come together here to party and enjoy music, food, sport and other activities during the weekend.

As one of Norway's largest festivals catering for this age-group, the weekend promises to be filled with music, love, magic and fun.

IKjop Podpads her!

Take a look at the Landstreff Stavanger Podpads village here!

Don't take our word for it, see what our guests say about Podpads

  • “The tent looked just lovely; it was an excellent size, the ceiling height was perfect: it stayed really dry and comfortable all weekend.”

  • “You should be very proud of the service you provide. The logistics of getting everything into the field, setting up and pulling down again afterwards must be huge. Well done!!”

  • “The main reason for choosing Podpads was ease, not having to carry, put up and take down our own tent in the rain and knowing our belongings would be safe and dry.”

  • “More waterproof then a tent!”

  • “Fab holiday Fab festival experience Thank you!”

  • “Wanted to try it and it's like business class on a plane.”