Classic Bell Tent

  • Sleeps 2, 3 or 4

Fabulous 5m Bell Tent with zipped in groundsheet and carpet. 

• Airbeds (doubles or singles) 
• Fitted sheets
• Duvets (double or singles) and pillows 
• Bath towels 
• Groundsheet and carpet 
• Rugs
• Bedside tables
• Wooden table 
• Lanterns 

Available in:

Classic Bell Tent: 2 Person Classic Bell Tent

2 Person Classic Bell Tent

Classic Bell Tent: 3 Person Classic Bell Tent

3 Person Classic Bell Tent

Classic Bell Tent: 4 Person Classic Bell Tent

4 Person Classic Bell Tent


The Podpad Collection

Don't take our word for it, see what our guests say about Podpads

  • “Great atmosphere in the boutique site. Everyone is like minded including the staff and it just feels like one big family! We will be back again next year without a doubt. This time I think we will get an Octopad as they looked brilliant”

  • “For a little extra comfort and luxury.I have spoken to some friends about octopads in the future or for festivals when taking the children.”

  • “Loved staying as dry and as clean as possible in the good old British weather Loved the Podpads social experience”

  • “We were delighted with the Podpad. Power was such a bonus!”

  • “Loved the experience. Our neighbours were fab and really added to the fun of the festival. This was a last minute fix for us due to unforeseen circumstances but we have made some amazing friends through the pod pad community”

  • “We chose Podpads to give us more of a enjoyable experience without the hassle of tents etc, plus the fact toilets and showers were separate to the majority of other festival goers.”