So, what came next?

Well, the three leading podpadders decided to listen to their Glasto neighbours and worked towards satisfying those demands for more 'Glastopods' next year... However, there has been interest from other areas and accordingly the 'Glastopod' has given way to the newly named ~ podpad.

Having landed in 2004, the podpad truly took off in 2005 and, since then has already proved far more popular than anybody could have imagined.

And, then?

2005 was a good year. Armed with thirty ‘podpads’ and three more festivals off the back of Glastonbury including overseas trips to Electric Picnic(Ireland) and Bestival(Isle of Wight), the journey had really started.

Without realising it the ‘podpadders’ had created a whole new market on the festival scene. Whilst Tara had been offering tipis at the Glastonbury Tipi Field and our friends at Tangerine Fields were getting set up, nobody had really taken alternative Boutique Accommodation to the Festival Fields.

The podpadders had created this market and now, they had to feed it and, in 2006, they built another 30 podpads.  In 2007, facing cash flow limitations they introduced the first ‘bellepads’ and were now attending many more UK festivals and beginning to venture into Europe to Lowlands(Holland).

It was becoming a race to stay ahead of the game as new suppliers joined the market as tipis, yurts, myhabs and the like were popping up everywhere.

In an attempt to maintain their innovative stance,  the ‘podpadders’ committed to continue to introduce new designs and offerings – the ‘luxpad’ and ‘bunkpad’ appeared in 2009, the ‘beaupad in 2010, the ‘octopad’ in 2011. 2013 is the year of Festival Colour as we make a commitment to leave behind us the sea of beige canvas bell tents and ensure all of our structures are in the colourful Podpads style.

And now?

Well, we’re still here and bringing our alternative accommodation to most of the UK’s major Festivals. Check out where we are this year on our FESTIVALS page.

We continue to develop and improve our offerings and our services onsite where our cheery Receptionists take a great pride in making guests’ stay a memorable one

With a strong & committed Team - the Podpads Family - around us, the future is indeed bright. In 2012 - the wettest year on record - Podpads delivered at over 30 festivals in exceptionally challenging conditions, looking after nearly 8,000 guests throughout the summer

In 2015, we will be doing it again at more than 60 festivals and events. The ‘podpads’ brand of camping/glamping is now being extended to much of Europe and as a result of the committed efforts of Jay, we will be working in Norway, Sweden, Holland and Germany – not forgetting Croatia.

Yes Croatia! The sodden British summer of 2012 encouraged us to look for the sun and, we think we have found it?  With over 10 festivals this suhmmer, the festival scene is alive and kicking on the magnificent Dalmatian Coast. We are indeed looking forward to working with the promoters and site managers over there into the foreseeable future.

And, the future?

Yes, the future? Watch this space.

Any ideas? Share them with us via our CONTACT page. We will listen..

Don't take our word for it, see what our guests say about Podpads

  • “The team were absolutely amazing and made the festival even better. We couldn't have wished for better service and on site assistance. So friendly!!! Loved them!”

  • “Excellent facilities, showers in particular!”

  • “They provide value for money and are well staffed and interesting structures.”

  • “Didn't want to carry a tent because of back injury, and for that same reason also needed a solid place to sleep”

  • “Absolutely brilliant, pure camping luxury!”

  • “New to camping so opted for glamping for convenience.”