2004 - The 'Podpad' has landed

Well, to be more honest ~ The 'podpad....s' have landed...

You see, it was a Sunday afternoon in June 2004, somewhere in a farmer's field not far from Glastonbury, Somerset in England, where they were first sighted.

The area, known as the Vale of Avalon, was a magical place and was not unused to strange sightings, however this one was a tad different, the reason for which will become clear soon.

They seemed to come from nowhere and yet.... there was life in those 'pods'...

Podpad team 2004

Those 'pods', (there were 6 of them) that quickly became known as 'Glastopods', were soon to be talked about more than even Sir Paul McCartney who, less than a week later, appeared only 150 metres away in front of 50,000 fans, seemingly unaware of their existence.

However, the local residents were very aware of their existence as they became the talk of the neighbourhood and, far from the all too common NIMBYism which permeates through British society today, it became clear that the locals actually liked having the 'Glastopods' and the 'podders' in their Back Yard. In fact, many asked if they could take a 'Glastopod' home with them (presumably to put in their back yard)... tho' not the 'podders'. Even more people asked if the 'podders' would be coming back next year and, if they were, could they bring some more 'Glastopods' with them for them to live in.

You see, that particular week in that farmer's field in Glastonbury, Somerset in England was the week of the Glastonbury Festival, a week well known for its out of body experiences and visions beyond the usual limits and expectations. They came from far afield (and beyond) for the music, cabaret, circus and all round good vibes, yet the 'Glastopods' remained on site but out of sight, tucked away backstage, behind the Bandstand in F Market.

Now, the following Monday, the site emptied, as tens of thousands made their weary way home, but what happened then to the 'Glastopods' and the resident 'podders'?

Well, that really is where the story begins... You see that Monday night under the cover of darkness all six 'pods' disappeared almost as mysteriously as they had landed a week earlier.

The 3 leading 'podders' came outside and looked around them. It was all clear... and so they set to their task in hand. In no time at all, they had broken down the 'pods', had flatpacked them and had loaded them onto a trailer and were off on their way.

Where to? I hear you ask...

To a remote barn, 15 miles away, near Bath is the reply.... (and that is probably already too much information).

Don't take our word for it, see what our guests say about Podpads

  • “This was our first Festival together. We have a combined age of 113 but felt like teenagers again in our beautiful Bellepad. We had a wonderful time !”

  • “Arriving and having a tent already set up is easy.!”

  • “It was amazing having a hairdryer, much appreciated!”

  • “With 2 children the pods were better as we had more room”

  • “I needed a plug socket & this was ready & waiting for me. Everyone was so helpful & happy. Thank you!”

  • “We didn't want to waste time with setting up a tent and having to take it back down again!”